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Swimming Pool SlidesSwimming Pool Slides - A selection of different types of swimming pool slides including:- above ground pool slides, inflatable pool slides, enclosed, custom, tube, Six Flags Banzai Falls in-ground pool slides and used pool slides.

Above ground pool slides such as the Zoomerang slide and the Safari-1 pool slide are small enough to fit on your above ground pool's deck yet still provide great water slide fun.

Zoomerang Slide

It's revolutionary Zoom-flume water system creates a torrent of water that adds even more zip to the zoom. It's compact size means it can fit almost anywhere, so these above ground pool slides can also be used with residential in-ground pools. Installs on 3' x 6' of deck space, minimum.

Above ground swimming pool slides
Zoomerang water slide
Price: $635.00
Ships to: USA
Buy online here

  • Easy assembly; Do-it-yourself installation
  • Ultra U.V. resistant acrylic and stainless steel construction
  • Zoom Flume water delivery system uses your pool's return inlet flow
  • Available only in white, right curve

All prices quoted on this page are indicative US prices at October 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

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Discount Pool Depot - The Zoomerang above ground pool slides featured on this page can bought online from this website. Ships to the USA only.discountpooldepot.stores.yahoo.net

Pools Stores Inc - The featured Safari-1 above ground pool slides can be purchased from this online retailer. Ships to the USA only. www.poolstoresinc.com

Pro Pools - The Whitewater swimming pool slide is available to buy online from this website. Ships to the USA only. www.propools.com

Safari-1 Above Ground Swimming Pool Slide

These above ground pool slides are double-walled, rotationally molded of polyethylene. This is the same material that has become the international standard in playground slides because it outperforms all other materials. The standard seafoam color will attractively compliment your pool's appearance. Polyethylene becomes very slippery with the addition of a very small amount of water.

Water slide above ground pool (Click to enlarge)
Safari-1 above ground pool slide
Price: $899.00
Ships to: USA
Buy online here

These above ground pool slides are breathtakingly fast, but use less than a gallon per minute. Tapping into your pool's pump system with a 3/8" plastic tube will supply plenty of water for lubrication and cooling the slide bedway. Ladders must be bolted to your deck or slab, or you can use sand stakes to bolt the ladder right into your lawn. Requires 40" water depth.

Whitewater Swimming pool Slide

Whitewater swimming pool slide (Click to enlarge)
Whitewater swimming pool slide
Price: $1339.63
Ships to: USA
Buy online here

This above ground pool slide has 3 sensational "splash jets" and an exclusive Jet Set control valve mounted on the step which allows for instant "splash jet" volume control or easy shut off. Fully molded steps provide safe access to slide flume. ACTRA acrylic finish & stainless steel legs and handrails. Available in left or right turn.

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